Wildflowering L.A.

The final diagram that I handed off to the sign fabricators.
Justin and Kagan are preparing the prototype of the sign at knowhow shop.
The wood was torched to achieve a dark brown color, reminiscent of wildfires, which are an important ecological event for wildflowers to thrive.
The signs are ready for installation across Los Angeles County.

Artist Fritz Haeg’s project Wildflowering L.A.¬†brings a wild and beautiful native landscape to open plots of land throughout Los Angeles County. Owners of selected sites were given free native wildflower seed mixes at workshops in partnership with the Theodore Payne Foundation.¬†Each of the participating sites is officially identified with a prominent carved wood sign. The project culminates with an exhibition in spring 2014.

Fritz asked me to work on the graphic identity of the project. The wooden signs are constructed from poplar wood that was burned to achieve the deep brown coloration. The typography was then milled into the wood by the wonderful people at knowhow shop.

I also designed and developed the website.


50 wooden carved signs (5 feet by 3 feet) installed throughout Los Angeles County.



November 2013

My Role



Collaboration with the artist Fritz Haeg

Presented by LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) in partnership with the Theodore Payne Foundation