Street Chess

Major Antonio Villaraigosa stopped by and was quite enthusiastic and impressed
Best knights ever
Designing the pieces on a grid. There are no curves to make the production easier.
Each piece was cut out from foam board
Goofing off
Justin and Dylan supported the effort
Stray-painting on the carpet to created the chess board

CicLAvia in a semi-annual event in Los Angeles where 10 miles of roadways are closed to car traffic and claimed by bicyclists and pedestrians. To add to the merriment, my studio mates and I created Street Chess, a life-size chess game played on a 10′ x 10′ board along the CicLAvia route.

See a video shot that day by UCI Digital Arts students.

10 x 10 foot board
Pieces from 1.5 foot to 2.5 feet tall.

Supported by a CicLAvia mini-grant


October 2011


With assistance from Justin Gier and Dylan Haley